Engine Fitted!

K20A2 sourced and has been stripped, cleaned, rebuilt and painted black, now fitted in the car!

We have opted for a stock engine, to test it’s capabilities and find it’s absolute limit. Next stage is to buy ourselves a big christmas present: the turbo!project-42


The Super 200 Lives Again!

3 Years ago, we made the decision to stop works on this project, to focus on our Motorsport commitments. Since then, we won the 2015 Lotus Cup UK Supersport Championship, and have since restored and raced a 1973 Trojan T-101 F5000 through the 2016 season of the Derek Bell Trophy.

Now the season is over and winter work on the F5000 is complete, we have dragged our Super 200 project out of storage, and work has once again commenced!

We will be posting regular updates on the cars progression, so keep an eye on our Facebook!project-41

Front Splitter Fitted

Since last week, the Super 200 has had it’s carbon fibre wrapped front splitter fitted, along with the 2 front oil coolers, and Kevlar radiator cowling. The pipe work has been plumbed into the coolers and fed up the sills of the car. Next up will be fitting the radiator & charge cooler assembly!

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Fitting up the front end

Currently in the process of fitting up the front end of the car. First in is the GT3 crash structure. The carbon fibre covered front splitter is currently drying from the lacquering process and will be fitted later on. After this, we can fit the Kevlar radiator ducting, front radiators, charge cooler & oil coolers.

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